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Starting an exercise regimen can be intimidating – even more so the search for a sports product specifically designed to meet one’s needs and fitness goals. We totally understand, which is why we have developed our Vegavero Sport Line including products that specifically focus on the different needs of physically active people - including beginners, experienced athletes and even professionals. Yes, we have something for everyone! Taking the latest scientific findings into account, we use new and verified quality raw materials, and combine them carefully. Of course, we aim to avoid synthetic materials - which seem to rule the sports supplement market - and rather focus on natural and highly pure raw materials whenever possible. Naturally, we also stay away from artificial additives because who wants to load their more or less trained body with unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals? 


Where to begin? Pre vs. Post workout


People who are new to the whole “sports business” and working-out-on-a-regular-basis-deal are most likely overwhelmed with the vast selection of sports supplements out there. Let’s start off with the basics. There are certain supplements that should rather be taken before the workout and others that make more sense after the trip to the gym. So, we can roughly distinguish between two categories: Pre and post workout.


Pre workout products – as the name implies – should ideally be taken before the training as they provide the often-needed energy boost that gets the body and mind into workout mode. These products will also support endurance and performance; so yes, another 5 km – piece of cake! Post workout supplements, on the other hand, support the recovery process and help build that lean muscle mass. Especially after a very strenuous workout, our muscles will refuse to perform just as well the next day – well, hello sore muscles! With a little help from the post workout ensemble, the next gym session will most definitely be much less painful. Of course, there are a few products that do not fall into either of those two categories so they can be taken at any time of the day while still being beneficial for overall fitness. 


So far so good, now let’s take a closer look at each individual product. 




A short panoramic: Which sports supplement is right for me?


Pre Workout 


L-Arginine: L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that induces the formation of nitric oxide. This little molecule promotes vasodilatation and circulation, leading to an increased flow of oxygen and nutrients to our muscles. The result: a better muscle pump and increased stamina during the workout. Hence, L-arginine is great for both strength and endurance training. Instead of L-arginine HCl, which consists of L-arginine bound to hydrochloride, we use L-arginine base derived from natural fermentation; the only form that consists of 100% pure L-arginine.


L-Arginine plus: Our L-arginine plus is an advanced L-arginine product especially developed for active men. We chose high-quality and predominantly natural ingredients, which work synergistically to boost physical performance. Apart from L-arginine, we also added a highly concentrated maca extract which is considered a "natural adaptogen" that can help the body to cope better with both mental and physical stress. Cordyceps is another natural add-in which has a high polysaccharide content. These bioactive compounds commonly found in mushrooms have been shown to have various health-promoting effects including the reduction of oxidative stress. Our Cordyceps CS-4 extract is highly dosed and contains at least 40% polysaccharides. Lastly, we also added a Tribulus extract with 90% saponins – which we’ll talk about in more detail below – as well as natural acerola vitamin C and zinc, that contribute to the reduction of fatigue and oxidative stress. 


L-Carnitine: L-carnitine is an endogenous substance that is formed from amino acids. Our product contains Carnipure®, a form of L-carnitine tartate that is of exceptional quality and highly stable. While acetyl-carnitine is mainly important for the central nervous system, L-carnitine tartrate plays an important role in energy metabolism and thus is a better option especially for exercise beginners that aim to get in shape. While glucose or other carbohydrates normally provide energy for our body, L-carnitine tartrate can also enable the body to use fatty acids to produce energy.


Tribulus Terrestris: The Tribulus herb, which also carries the fancy name goat’s head, is found mainly in the Mediterranean and the tropics. It contains a variety of bioactive ingredients but is best known for its exceptionally high saponin content. These naturally occurring substances are widespread in the plant world and form the basic building block of steroids, which occur in various forms in the body, including the “male hormone” testosterone. The product is therefore especially popular among male athletes to boost exercise performance and muscle growth. Our raw material has a particularly high saponin content of at least 90%. 


Pre Workout Mix: Taking more than two sports products at a time can be quite the hassle. Plus, not everyone is a fan of swallowing capsules or tablets on a daily basis. Which is why we developed our vegan Pre Workout mix. This unique mix combines the strength of muscle-forming essential amino acids, fatigue-fighting B vitamins and the natural energy boosters guarana and rhodiola, to provide the body with everything it needs to power through a tough workout. Of course, it's free from artificial additives, sugar and artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Instead, we use natural stevia to sweeten and natural bitter orange flavor, making it an enjoyable pre workout drink.  




Post Workout


Beta Alanine: During prolonged stress, the body can no longer efficiently break down the increased amount of lactate, which causes the muscle to overacidify. The result: sore muscles. Beta alanine to the rescue! The amino acid is not only a precursor of the body's own proteins but is also needed as a building block for carnosine, a natural substance found in muscle fibers that can counteract this undesirable acidosis. For this reason, beta alanine powder is especially popular with athletes who train anaerobically - e.g. weightlifters, sprinters, and rowers. Our beta alanine powder has excellent solubility, is easily digestible and has a neutral taste, so it can be combined very well with protein powder.
L-Glutamine: L-glutamine is another proteinogenic amino acid. In strenuous situations like intensive training, the body may not produce enough, which can impair various body functions. Glutamine has various tasks in the body but is particularly important for the prevention of muscle damage by promoting a positive nitrogen balance which is required for protein synthesis and muscle building. Glutamine is also known to speed up the recovery process and reduce muscle pain by acting as a “waste disposal molecule”. Our L-glutamine is derived from natural fermentation and is characterized by a high bioavailability, meaning the amino acid is quickly absorbed and utilized by the body. Plus, the glutamine is gentle on the stomach. The powder has a neutral taste and - due to its high purity - is highly soluble, making it a great addition to protein shakes or post-workout smoothies. 


Pre and Post Workout


Creatine: Creatine is produced by the body and composed of amino acids. It is of fundamental importance for the production and storage of energy in the body: it basically acts as an "energy buffer", by keeping the energy supply to the muscles constant during training. No wonder it is one of the most popular supplements among body building devotees. Starting from a quantity of 3 g daily, creatine increases the physical efficiency with high-speed strength training in the context of short term, intensive physical load. A creatine supplement can thus be particularly useful for sports like weightlifting but also running (100-400 m), swimming (50-100 m) and cycling (time trial). Our creatine is highly pure and can also be mixed into shakes or smoothies. 


BCAA Complex: BCAA stands for "branched chain amino acids” – and yes, this literally describes their chemical structure. Since the body cannot produce these three essential amino acids itself – namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine – they must be taken in with food. Most amino acids are metabolized in the liver after absorption. However, this does not apply to BCAAs. They go straight to our muscles, where they provide energy and serve as a building blocks for proteins and thus promoting muscle growth. Hence, they support the body both before and after the training. Apart from BCAAs, our product also contains essential vitamins and trace elements which support the function of the amino acids and thus the training. Chromium helps to maintain blood sugar levels during training and enables the free amino acids to be absorbed into the muscles. Zinc has an important role in the metabolism of proteins. It also supports the function of the immune system, which is particularly stressed during physical exertion. The B-vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 are involved in the transport and digestibility of food components such as proteins, among other things, and thus enable the BCAAs to be utilized in the body.




Recommended Products


L-glutamine is an essential amino acid that promotes muscle recovery after training. Ours is 100% natural, without any artificial additives, and of vegetable origin.



Increases muscle power and vasodilation. It combines L-Arginine with Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, Cordyceps, vitamin C and zinc. Free of artificial additives.