Collagen Plus Complex (270 Capsules)

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  • Unique and plant-based complex
  • With plant extracts and amino acids
  • Recommended dosage: 3 capsules/day
  • 270 capsules/bottle
  • 100% vegan
  • Made in Germany
  • Free from additives like magnesium stearate, non-GMO
  • Analysed (microbiology, heavy metals & vitamin C-content)
  • Produced according to ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP standards

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  • Available immediately
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    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is particularly helpful for the structure of our skin, nails, cartilage, and bones. The formation of collagen in the body decreases with age, though, which is why a collagen supplement may offer some benefits.

    Unfortunately, almost all collagen products are made from of animal waste, including fish fins and bovine cartilage. We developed a plant-based alternative to animal-derived collagen made from high-quality plant extracts and amino acids to support collagen production in a natural way. Our supplement contains extracts from Pomegranate, Goji, Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Tomato and Rosehip, which all contain valuable phytonutrients including lycopene and flavonoids. We also added natural vitamin C from Acerola, as this vitamin is required for collagen formation to support our skin and cartilage. Lastly, we included the two amino acids L-lysine and L-proline that constitute basic building blocks for the synthesis of collagen.



    • Collagen is a protein that is responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. It is also abundantly found in bones and cartilage.


      • Our skin is made up of 75-80% collagen.
      • There are at least 16 types of collagen. The four main types are type I, II, III, and IV which all have different functions in the body.
      • Plants don't produce collagen.
      • The word ""collagen"" comes from the Greek word “kólla,” which means glue.


Special nutrients: Vitamin C
Shipping weight: 0,27 kg
Content: 218,16 g
Ingredients: L-lysine-hydrochloride, L-proline, acerola fruit extract (Malpighia glabra) with 17% vitamin C, capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), pomegranate fruit extract (Punica granatum) with 4% ellagic acid, goji berry extract (Lycium barbarum) with 5% polysaccharides, rose hip extract (Rosa canina) with 5% flavonoids, Panax ginseng leaf extract with 2% ginsenosides, tomato extract (Solanum lycopersicum) with 6% lycopin, Ginkgo biloba leaf extract with 24% flavone glycosides
Note: The recommended dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. People treated with anticoagulants should consult a doctor before consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
Directions: Take 3 capsules daily with sufficient liquid and food.
PZN: 16387260


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So happy I found this Vegan Collagen

This company is so trustworthy and responsive to any questions or concerns. So happy I found them.

Total entries: 8
Very great product

I have been using them for 6 months now and I really enjoy them. I love that they are vegan and have high quality ingredients.


Sehr gut verträglich. Nachdem ich von allen anderen Produkte so begeistert bin und eine rasche Verbesserung gespürt habe, bin ich sicher, dass die Verbesserung der Haut auch bald sichtbar ist. Da ich keine Probleme mit der Haut habe, sondern ich nur etwas Straffung wünsche, braucht es noch etwas Zeit.

Gutes Produkt

Mit Ihrem Produkt bin ich sehr zufrieden. Meine Knieschmerzen gehören der Vergangenheit an.

Auf die Straffung der Haut warte ich allerdings noch.

Sehr gutes Produkt

Ein sehr gutes Produkt. Es hat meine Fettverdauung angekurbelt. Bin begeistert.

Eigentlich noch zu früh

Ich bin gerade erst umgestiegen von einem tierischen Kollagenprodukt, aber zumindest bemerke ich bisher keine Verschlechterung. :-)

Bin absolut begeistert!

Knie-, Fuß- und auch Hüftschmerzen waren innerhalb einer Woche vorbei und die Haut wird bei mir am Hals/Dekolleté auch schon sichtbar straffer (2. Woche)!

Integratore stimolante la produzione di collagene

Un integratore con ingredienti funzionali per la produzione di collagene nel nostro corpo, in maniera del tutto naturale e con ingredienti naturali e privi di conservanti e additivi. Consigliato per dei cicli.

Sehr zufrieden

Den Colla-Veg Complex habe ich nun bereits zum 2. Mal bestellt. Ich bin mit der Wirkung der Kapseln sehr zufrieden. Sie helfen nicht über Nacht, aber man spürt den Effekt schon nach wenigen Wochen. Bei mir sind die Hüftschmerzen und das Knacken in der Schulter seitdem verschwunden.

Total entries: 8