Individual products

We believe food supplements should not be mass-produced, even if this would be more financially attractive from an entrepreneurial point of view. We want to offer innovative and tailor-made products and therefore we are always developing new ideas, often inspired by the suggestions of our customers.

In our own Complexes, for example, we combine selected raw materials, each intended for a specific application, in order to achieve the best possible efficiency through the combination of these ingredients. Our product developments are based on traditional medical knowledge along with the latest scientific research results. One example of this is our ‘Immu Plus Complex’. Through utilising ginger and echinacea, it contains a combination of raw materials that have been used in traditional healing methods for centuries. But it also has the minerals selenium and zinc, as well as the essential vitamins C and D3, which are scientifically proven to be important for the immune system.

In addition, we do our best to meet the wishes of our customers and develop products for specific customer groups. One example from our constantly growing range is our organic probiotic ‘PRO-BIO’ powder containing lactic acid bacteria especially for children aged 3-12 years.

Fair prices

We want everyone to be able to afford high-quality dietary supplements and to not have to resort to cheap products. Whatever we eat, swallow or drink should only be of the best quality, but at the same time affordable.

Of course, quality has its price and we don't want to compromise on the caliber of our specially selected raw materials, which we buy from our suppliers at fair prices, as well as on quality assurance, through extensive laboratory analyses, for example. We therefore try to work as cost-consciously as possible in our production and marketing processes. We don't afford ourselves a cool start-up office in a prime central Berlin location, we don't need any elaborate marketing videos or trendy advertising partners. Any kind of costly extravagances like chic company cars or stylish espresso machines aren’t found here.

We have also consciously renounced financial investors for our company in order to remain independent. Therefore, we can only spend the money we earn ourselves. But this means we can also invest it where it is most important to us: in excellent products, fair prices and the best, personal customer service.

Comprehensive laboratory analyses - giving you peace of mind

Trust in our suppliers and producers is great, but we want to go even further. For this reason, we subject all our products to comprehensive laboratory tests at least once a year. Our German partner, the AGROLAB GROUP, has excellent expertise both in the analysis of vitamins and in the detection of organic and inorganic residues.

We make extensive use of this quality assurance instrument:

  • Without exception, every one of our products is thoroughly tested for possible contaminants. These include bacteria and fungi as well as the heavy metals arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury. Only raw materials that demonstrably meet our requirements are used in our products.
  • In addition, all our organic products and specific plant extracts are tested for residues of several hundred different pesticides in order to check whether the strict guidelines of the organic farming associations have been adhered to.
  • All products for which a certain content of active substances is important are also tested in the laboratory. These include, for example, the amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, but also exotic substances such as the amount of turmeric or OPC or the purity of our MSM powder.

These complex, tight and strict controls are indispensable to us, because only in this way can we be sure that our products contain exactly what they are supposed to and are both safe and beneficial for our customers.


Customer service at its best

One of our most important goals and part of our company philosophy is excellent, passionate and personal customer service. Inquiries from our customers do not end up in anonymous call centres, instead reaching and talking to us directly, whether by email or telephone.

The questions asked by our customers are many and varied. Some can be answered quickly and easily, such as the delivery status of a shipment or the availability of a product. But since many of our customers have already dealt extensively with dietary supplements, we often receive very specific and complex enquiries, such as information regarding raw materials, methods of production, the comparability of different active ingredients, and so on. Sometimes, we do not have an immediate answer despite our expertise and experience, but it is precisely this challenge that spurs us on; in these cases we carry out extensive research, ask external experts and constantly learn new things in order to serve our customers and continually improve our service.

Last but not least, we are only satisfied if our customers are satisfied. That's why we offer a money-back guarantee. In the event that one of our products does not satisfy for any reason, we will refund the full purchase price within the first 12 months after purchase (we are legally obliged to specify a specific period of time). This is very easy and fast with us - just send us an email or give us a call!

Our values

We love nature and are committed to respecting the environment, which is why all our supplements are vegan. We search for raw materials all over the world, taking into account their traditional country of origin and ensuring their quality. We use plant-based ingredients wherever possible and do not add unnecessary artificial additives such as magnesium stearate, flavourings or preservatives to our supplements.

We work with dedication and passion to develop our supplements, carefully combining ingredients and dosages so that the vitamins, minerals and enzymes deliver their optimal effects. You’ll never find off-the-shelf solutions in our products. We only rely on trusted suppliers whom we have known for several years and who rigorously assure the quality standards we seek. Respecting the environment is not just a slogan for us: we work with local partners wherever possible, choose renewable energy sources and offer public transport tickets instead of company cars.

We develop products based on your needs and offer them at fair prices. We invest in safety and transparency, producing our products in Germany according to the highest quality standards. Furthermore, all products are analyzed by independent German laboratories to give you peace of mind. Customers and partners are as important to us as our employees; we think of Vegavero as one big family. We care about you; we are at your side, from start to finish, to advise, support and grow with you.