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Food supplements are foods and, as the name suggests, are intended to supplement our general diet. They may contain a wide range of nutrients or other substances with nutritional or physiological effects. These include vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids, fibres, plants or herbal extracts, which can be used individually or in a combination. Food supplements are usually offered in doses for consumption in small measured quantities, for example as tablets, capsules, soft gels and also as powders and liquids.

A sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals is a prerequisite for a healthy body. Unfortunately, we usually do not achieve this goal. This can be because we don’t eat perfectly, but there are also living conditions in which we have an increased need for nutrients. During sporting activity, when pregnant or breastfeeding, with vegan or vegetarian diets, but also in old age or in winter, the metabolism often needs more or different nutrients. In these situations, dietary supplements provide a necessary balance!

There are a number of herbal substances which, in addition to vitamins, also contain other individual active substances which have positive effects and are therefore used in many traditional healing methods. These include, for example, plants from European medicine such as stinging nettles, fennel and horse chestnuts, but also those that are common in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), such as Reishi and Wild Yams.

High-quality raw materials

No way is too far for us to go to ensure the first basis of quality of our products, namely the best raw materials. We purchase worldwide, wherever we find raw materials of the quality that meets our high standards.

Certain plants do not grow naturally in Europe and their cultivation here would either not be possible or would require a great deal of effort and energy. This is why we source some of our raw materials from Asia, where the most diverse climate zones exist, each with excellent cultivation conditions. Every imported raw material is strictly controlled by us with laboratory testing and Certificates of Analysis (COA). The basis of these certificates, which is based on globally uniform specifications and criteria, is a test procedure which provides reliable information on product properties such as extract strength, the content of acceptable trace element pollutants or the general properties of a powder.

We often have to search long and hard for the right manufacturers, as was the case with our vitamin K2 (vitaMK7). We finally found what we were looking for from the Italian manufacturer ‘Gnosis’, whose innovative production process convinced us from an ecological point of view. Based on easily degradable substances, energy consumption and waste are reduced to a minimum; a specially patented bio-fermentation process is used to maintain the quality of the raw material in the manufacturing process. The bacterium ‘Bacillus Subtilis', modelled on the traditional Japanese Natto production, produces vitamin K2, which is then purified and elaborately examined using various methods such as HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography), mass and magnetic spectroscopy. The end product is characterised by a particularly high ability and purity (99% All-trans MK7, 1% MK6) and is, of course, vegan, free of soy, gluten, solvents and heavy metals, all without genetic engineering and produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO standards.

It is particularly important to us to use raw materials of organic quality wherever possible. We are certified according to the EC Organic Regulation and are therefore allowed to carry the ORGANIC seal. We currently have numerous organic products in our range, such as our fenugreek from France, acerola from Brazil, Peruvian maca, Japanese matcha, Sri Lankan moringa and iodine algae from Canada. But this is still not enough for us. We will continue to work intensively on expanding our organic product range, because for us being organic is much more than just a label.

The search for the special, high-quality raw materials that make up our products unique will continue to be our central focus.

No Additives

Additives are usually used in dietary supplements either as releasing agents or as binders. They have no added value for the body and are only used in the processing of raw materials for technical reasons. For example, the production of tablets almost always requires a sort of “glue”. On the other hand, a raw material can have such high adhesive properties that an "opponent" (a so-called releasing agent) is necessary for filling the capsules.

Many suppliers use chemical additives to keep production costs as low as possible, but we are of the opinion that only pure and herbal dietary supplements are the right option for a healthy body. That’s why we avoid any unnecessary additives such as magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, artificial flavours or preservatives wherever possible. If we cannot avoid the use of additives in a product, then we use natural alternatives such as rice husks or sunflower oil instead of chemical substances. According to the official declaration, capsule casings are also technically and legally considered additives. Here, too, we have found a natural alternative. Our capsule casings consist of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), which is obtained from wood fibres and has positive side effects. For example, an intake of 4g HPMC during a meal contributes to blood sugar levels rising less strongly after a meal, and an intake of over 5g a day of HPMC helps to maintain a normal cholesterol level in the blood.

All Vegan!

Love for animals is just one of many reasons to consider a vegan diet. Also, from a health, ecological and an economic viewpoint, the renouncement or at least a reduction of animal products makes sense.

The high consumption of animal products is one of the main causes of civilisation’s widespread diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A fully-fledged, plant-based form of nutrition, on the other hand, has the potential to supply the body with all the important nutrients it needs. A plant-based diet also helps the development of resistance to antibiotics to help counteract the problem of antibiotic abuse, particularly in connection with animal husbandry.

Meat and dairy production are much more harmful to the climate than plant-based foods. According to the Federal Environment Agency, the production of one kilogram of beef causes between 7 and 28 kilograms of greenhouse gases, whilst fruit or vegetables account for less than one kilogram. A study by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) concluded that commercial livestock farming is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, there are the long-term burdens and irreparable damage to soil and water caused primarily by mass livestock farming. In short, those who do without animal products actively protect the environment and the climate.

It is now widely known that the production of animal food results in a great waste of calories and, therefore, nutritional resources, yet this still receives too little attention. Naturally, only a fraction of the nutrients and calories fed to the animals can be converted into animal foods such as meat, milk and eggs, because most of the nutrients are needed to maintain the animal's bodily functions. A significant reduction in meat consumption would therefore be a major contribution to the better use of resources worldwide.

Our values

We love nature and are committed to respecting the environment, which is why all our supplements are vegan. We search for raw materials all over the world, taking into account their traditional country of origin and ensuring their quality. We use plant-based ingredients wherever possible and do not add unnecessary artificial additives such as magnesium stearate, flavourings or preservatives to our supplements.

We work with dedication and passion to develop our supplements, carefully combining ingredients and dosages so that the vitamins, minerals and enzymes deliver their optimal effects. You’ll never find off-the-shelf solutions in our products. We only rely on trusted suppliers whom we have known for several years and who rigorously assure the quality standards we seek. Respecting the environment is not just a slogan for us: we work with local partners wherever possible, choose renewable energy sources and offer public transport tickets instead of company cars.

We develop products based on your needs and offer them at fair prices. We invest in safety and transparency, producing our products in Germany according to the highest quality standards. Furthermore, all products are analyzed by independent German laboratories to give you peace of mind. Customers and partners are as important to us as our employees; we think of Vegavero as one big family. We care about you; we are at your side, from start to finish, to advise, support and grow with you.