Meet the team!

He is a multitasker at Vegavero. He is a professional optimistic person. During his free time, he is both a baker and a marathon runner. (Best time 3:29).

She always has a solution no matter what the problem is. During her free time (which is very little), she enjoys solving crossword puzzles. She is an ever-lasting teenager despite being a mom. She loves TV shows.

Father of four and Aikido aficionado that has survived a vegan lifestyle for more than 15 years. If you have a question about computers, he is the one to talk to. By far the fussiest at Vegavero (at times a bit too much).

World's #1 Peanut Dip Maker - Team Photographer with a penchant for nit-picking - Famous Veggie Jam blogger that is ALWAYS wearing a helmet when riding a bike.


Product Development

90s kid with a soft spot for 80s dark-noir dance music. An all-weather cyclist who loves her squeaky green bike, Vietnamese food, nature and her one-eyed cat.

Product Development

Tree hugger and ecological philosopher in his spare time. Enthusiastic yogi involved in the alternative subculture of Berlin. Finds peace in sailing and daily meditation.


Sales and Marketing - Spain

Coming from a country located in the centre of the world, he came to the German capital to learn about Berlin culture. A lover of good food and good coffee, he is always willing to learn something new every day.

Sales & Marketing - United Kingdom

Proud vegan chess-boxer, photographer and ex-professional poker player all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.

Sales and Marketing - France

French girl with a Vietnamese background. A true travel and social media addict. You'll never see her without her phone and she'd walk to the ends of the earth just to get the perfect picture.

Sales and Marketing - Italy

Growing up in southern Italy, surrounded by carbohydrates seasoned with more carbohydrates, she decides to flee to Berlin, where she is a culinary dictator in the kitchen. Deeply extroverted until she runs out of her social battery, she likes to win and spend time with her friends.

Sales and Marketing - Italy

She grew up in the Piedmontese countryside and is an avocado toast fan. She loves the city but also can't wait to visit her family. A former athlete, she tries to keep fit by jogging along the Spree.

Sales and Marketing - Germany

Nature lover and foodie with a weakness for cake. Having moved from the country to the big city, nothing can shake her!


Graphic Designer

Quiet and observant Creative illustrator from Venezuela who likes to tattoo in her free time. Lover of graphic novels and mango with chocolate ice cream

Graphic Designer

Cozy all-weather cyclist who likes to refuel with coffee and chocolate and is enthusiastic about new perspectives. Mother, balance professional and crazy idea producer.

Graphic Designer

Never gets enough of pasta dishes. Recognizes every track/song of Kollegah by one line. (with very old ones it takes a bit). Could write a bachelor thesis on One Piece theories.

Graphic Designer

Nature lover and animal rights activist who grew up in Berlin. Passionate cinema-goer, preferably open air. She will never turns down a piece of chocolate!



Ecological thinker. Forever economical and precise logistic optimizer. Italy-lover: cities, food and culture. He knows everything (for real, everything) about cinema.


Studious, gaming culture enthusiast and lover of fantasy worlds, swept from the Elbe to the Saale and finally to the banks of the Spree. He's always up for a nerd talk, but is currently studying storage plans and playing Pallet Tetris.


Bookworm from Berlin who loves both nature and the pulsating city life. Certified animal lover with her own furry companion. Prefers eating over cooking - but always vegan.


Ole's Daughter

Ancient and faithful, you put up with a lot of pushing and shoving, and provide peace and security. Vegan, organic, fair and natural.