Meet the team!

He is a multitasker at Vegavero. He is a professional optimistic person. During his free time, he is both a baker and a marathon runner. (Best time 3:29).

She always has a solution no matter what the problem is. During her free time (which is very little), she enjoys solving crossword puzzles. She is an ever-lasting teenager despite being a mom. She loves TV shows.

Father of four and Aikido aficionado that has survived a vegan lifestyle for more than 15 years. If you have a question about computers, he is the one to talk to. By far the fussiest at Vegavero (at times a bit too much).

World's #1 Peanut Dip Maker - Team Photographer with a penchant for nit-picking - Famous Veggie Jam blogger that is ALWAYS wearing a helmet when riding a bike.


Self-titled star cook, who enjoys bouldering and gaming. Is always on hand with advice and sarcastic quip.

True crime lover and Kleinanzeigen-addict with a soft spot for mate and trash TV. She has swapped the Cologne Cathedral for the Brandenburg Gate and is now on the hunt for the best cinnamon bun in Berlin.

Passionate about salsa dancing and inspired by Spanish landscapes, she even travels abroad for animal welfare. Her path from medicine to nutrition reflects her desire to help people live healthier lives.

Nature-loving animal friend from the Ruhr region. Likes to play with food in search of the best creations for the environment, sports, and health. When he's not in the kitchen, he's throwing himself into the latest scientific discoveries or running up walls doing parkour.

Known for Pancake Sundays and good vegan cake, which can also be found in a Berlin bakery. Always up for walkies, time by the sea, cooking sessions and deep talks. Continuous podcast listener and travel lover.


Proud vegan chess-boxer, photographer and ex-professional poker player all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. Only knows two ways to enjoy a holiday - by the beach or hiking a mountain.

Hyperactive by definition, she forced her team to download an astrology app. A big fan of Taylor Swift, she fuels her days with coffee. Her favourite foods cause her daily stomach aches. Boredom is something that does not belong to her.

Originally from France, she is passionate about nature, backpacking and hiking. She loves exploring exotic gastronomy, but the French baguette will always be close to her heart. She's a bit, if not too adept at making To Do Lists: she has papers with lists highlighted everywhere.

Recently moved to Berlin, he brought with him a lot of energy and a desire to make new friends. An ex-athlete who wanders in search of the perfect gym. When he is not on a date you can find him on the dancefloor of some Berlin nightclub. Always ready for a laugh and to unravel new mysteries.

Mexican, lover of beer and wine (not yet an alcoholic), in her spare time she paints and spends time with dogs despite being allergic to them. Her few expressed emotions do not include sweetness, but it is still fun to have her around. She always remains a down-to-earth Gemini.

Growing up in southern Italy, surrounded by carbohydrates seasoned with more carbohydrates, she decides to flee to Berlin, where she is a culinary dictator in the kitchen. Deeply extroverted until she runs out of her social battery, she likes to win and spend time with her friends.

She grew up in the Piedmontese countryside and is an avocado toast fan. She loves the city but also can't wait to visit her family. A former athlete, she tries to keep fit by jogging along the Spree.


Ahmad likes to spoil his colleagues with Arabic mocha coffee, is a passionate draftsman in all walks of life and loves to wear jeans with a collarless white shirt.

Japan lover and animal rights activist who grew up on the shores of lake Müritz. In her leisure time, she nurses sick birds and raises orphaned chicks on a voluntary basis. Her passion belongs to city pigeons.

Passionate film fan from Berlin. Always has cool trivia facts and film tips in store. When she's not at the cinema with her season ticket, she can also be found at concerts and comedy shows. Likes to create song medleys on the ukulele.

Cozy all-weather cyclist who likes to refuel with coffee and chocolate and is enthusiastic about new perspectives. Mother, balance professional and crazy idea producer.

Nature lover and animal rights activist who grew up in Berlin. Passionate cinema-goer, preferably open air. She will never turns down a piece of chocolate!


Ecological thinker. Forever economical and precise logistic optimizer. Italy-lover: cities, food and culture. He knows everything (for real, everything) about cinema.

Born and raised in Caspe, on the shores of Aragon's Sea (Spain). In love with English romantic literature. Always willing to go out to eat in Thai restaurants. Strongly believes that everything is better with olive oil.

Studious, gaming culture enthusiast and lover of fantasy worlds, swept from the Elbe to the Saale and finally to the banks of the Spree. He's always up for a nerd talk, but is currently studying storage plans and playing Pallet Tetris.

Bookworm from Berlin who loves both nature and the pulsating city life. Certified animal lover with her own furry companion. Prefers eating over cooking - but always vegan.