Our Story

The history of Vegavero began about eight years ago. At that time, we, the Vegavero founders, both worked in the telecommunications industry, often sitting in planes several times a week, participating in countless meetings, eating poorly and not moving enough. As a result, at some point, we no longer felt comfortable in our bodies and began to focus more intensively on health, nutrition and exercise.

With the gradual implementation of a better and healthier lifestyle, our interest in dietary supplements grew. First, we had changed our diet to vegetarian and then to completely plantbased, so we were looking for high-quality supplements such as vitamin B12 tablets. But we didn't just want high quality products, we also wanted to buy them from a company that would inspire us; one that shared our passion! We wanted this to be reflected in the quality of the raw materials, competent customer service and reasonable prices.

Unfortunately, our expectations were disappointed again and again. What we found in our search were products that contained cheap and even animal-sourced additives, along with producers who did not want to or could not answer our questions and apparently had little interest in the satisfaction of their customers. The more we dealt with food supplements, the more we gained knowledge about raw materials, additives, vitamins and minerals. We discovered that companies sell standard off-the-shelf products instead of individual offers and, of course, produce as cheaply as possible. What we could not understand was that there was simply no supplier who was able to fulfil our wish for quality and service.

And so, the idea for Vegavero was born: to found our own company and to develop the best products with the best people according to our own ideas and passion. From the initial idea for a product, the purchase of raw materials and production, through to the sales and customer service, we wanted to offer everything from a single, trusted source.

High quality raw materials, our own, innovative recipes,
strict quality control, exclusively vegan products and the best customer service.
This is what Vegavero stands for. Pure passion!

Our values