About our supplements

None of our products have ingredients that contain gluten. However, they are not lab-tested so we cannot exclude the presence of small residues that might be problematic for very sensitive individuals.

The average expiration date of our products is 2 years from the date of production.

You will find it close to the barcode or in correspondence to the website "www.vegavero.com" after "Mindestens haltbar bis / Best before"..

All of our products, except for the sprays, are produced in Germany according to quality standards (ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP).

We test our products once a year. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the documentation.

All our products are registered and certified for commercial use. For some products, the registration might be delayed due to bureaucratic problems. Feel free to contact us and request the registration for a product you are interested in.

You can also find us on Amazon. All the offers and pages are handled and managed by us and the products are the same as the ones we sell on our online shop.

In some cases, products have different regulations in different countries. Certain products require a prescription in certain countries, hence we cannot sell them on Amazon.

Methods of intake

We specify it on our labels when it is necessary to ask a specialist before taking our supplements with medications. When in doubt, always ask your doctor or a health care professional.

We advise not to open the capsules in the case of vitamins, or any product that contains vitamins. For the other types of supplements, you can open the capsules but take the powder as soon as possible. However, for some products the taste may not be pleasant.

When this happens it means the capsules have been in contact with air for too long. For this reason it is better not to take them anymore.

Except for our Junior products, all of our supplements are developed for adult use.

Depends on the ingredients they contain, as you can risk an overdose for certain ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals. When in doubt contact us or ask your doctor.

Depends on the ingredients they contain, as you can risk an overdose for certain ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals. When in doubt contact us or ask your doctor.

Depends on which supplement you are taking, however most of them are safe to take continuously. Contact us or ask your doctor about intake methods.

Since our products are natural, the effects can vary considerably from person to person and depending on the supplement. You might feel the effects already after a few days or after one or two months of taking.

Depends on the product since for every product we want to achieve a certain dosage, and sometimes the amount of capsules per daily dosage has to be more than one.

If there are any contradictions in taking the supplement during pregnancy and breastfeeding, we specify it on the label. When in doubt, always ask your doctor or midwife.


For the UK, the current shipping costs are those for non-EU zone 1, which you can find under the shipping and payments page.

Usually at least 5 working days, depending on your location.

In case of shipping problems you should contact DHL as we cannot intervene for you. We are not the ones responsible for deliveries and shipments because we rely on DHL. If your package gets lost or returns to us, contact us and we will arrange a solution.

You can contact our customer service by sending an e-mail with some pictures of the damaged part and the order number.

Personal Account

Usually, when you enter our website without being logged in, the prices shown include German taxes, which account for 7%. When you proceed to payment and log in, the prices will change automatically according to the tax percentage of your country.

If the parcel has already been sent, we cannot change your address. In this case you should contact DHL. Otherwise you can change your address at any time from your account.